homes not cells

for the past year and a half someone dear to me has been calling a empty field that has never been used for anything since i can recall, its not by any schools or houses its not in the public eye sight or where it gets in any ones way its keep clean and close […]

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Im aware of the voices and i know that they are from inside my head. I wonder if that old saying “if your crazy you don’t know it” because I am the 1st one to consider that a possibility maybe even the only possibility. So if I am awear of things that usually indicate that […]

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Abandon inside

Someone please help me im lost inside my head. It’s cold dark and lonely and it’s just me and the monsters worst then the ones known to live under childrens beds im losing any hope I once had to be saved to free because there is not anyone thats coming for me some have tried […]

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harder then expected

so I’ve been doing a lot of work on my life I’m only 28 but recently learned that past ignorance and bad choices have done pretty bad damage on my kidneys heart and liver… sooo it all hit me at once and i was like “dude I haven’t done shit with myself or life” LAME […]

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loves limits????

when love takes a turn or starts to come apart what is the right thing to do? I mean is there even a right when it comes to love? is love without limitation? are limits right or wrong? when you love another person is not something even if just 1 thing different from the rest […]

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