I find myself in a crossroad and very much in love with a man who is the center of my world who I have I jail for I’ve got an award for I would take a bullet for without any hesitation second thought fortunately if Mom does not love me the way that him and […]

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I feel like something is missing oh yea A PODCAST … lol needing and been meaning to post just need to push myself (AND MY MOTHER)

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I forgive you

I’m ready to forgive you for the hurt that you have done forgiving you doesn’t mean that it’s okay or that you’re off the hook it doesn’t mean that I have to like you doesn’t it mean that I have to accept you in my life forgiving you isn’t for you and it’s taking me […]

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They hide behind a badge

when I think about the difference between cops and cons I get amazed every time I realize that they aren’t too different from one another my guess would be that the main differences are mind set and outlook. political mentality plays a part as well I’m guessing. but both are human both breath feel and […]

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Rip dad

the 1st time you left i was 6. you left because you didn’t deserve to be caged like an animal and you fell victim to the us government who see CRIMINAL like you as dollar signs. you also made the selfless choice to allow me a chance at life without the need to go underground […]

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